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S2000 Custom Flip paint 

This is one of the more radical jobs which has come through the workshop. The brief was to paint the entire car including the engine bay, door shuts and all panel backs.
Also included with this were a number of engine components and other key pieces.

The car had to be painted in one piece to ensure the flip paint was consistent on all panels due to the way it reflects the light. And this is not an easy task.




The first job was to paint the engine bay and the door shuts. Masking the engine bay was a laborious job to ensure that paint didn’t drift on to the air suspension, wiring and the underside of the car.

Painted Engine Bay

The next job after paining the engine bay was painting the panel backs.

The challenge with paining these parts was getting the colour the same as it would be on the outside and in the engine bay. This is because it is a multi-stage painting process.

The key to getting the colour right is consistency.

After this we fitted all the panels back on to the body shell. This includes doors, bonnet, boot lid, bumpers etc.

These are some of the stages of the paint process:
First stage is black ground coat. This is followed by several coats of the flip paint until the desired colour is achieved. This is followed by clear coat and taken apart again for flatting and applying more clear coat each piece separately.

Paint 4

The final stage for this project is flatting and polishing. This is a make or break part of the project which most people don’t do, but the outcome is show standard quality paint.

Flat and Polish
Flat and Polish mirror

Honda S2000 in Pearl White

This came to our Kent body shop for some insurance works as well as a full bare metal repaint.
The car had been painted previously a number of years ago, but unfortunately the paint had deteriorated beyond spot repairs and had to be removed.

The insurance work was to replace the front bumper and head light and re-align. 


Insurance job insurance car repair


All the panels were removed and paint stripped back to bare metal.

This was then epoxy primed and then high-build primed. It was flatted, panels re-fitted and then painted.

The Honda S2000 is a three stage pearl, which is why the panels have to be fitted back on the shell to ensure that the pearl is consistent in all lights and angles.
This was flatted and polished to a show standard before refitting all trim, valeting and returning to the customer.

S 2000 back

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