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This was a very exciting project which brought my friend a number of national awards. Everything on this car was painted including the engine bay, door shuts, backs of all panels and other components such as brake callipers and engine parts all in specialist paint provided by Custom Paints Inc. The car was flatted and polished to a show standard.
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MGB Roadster

This MGB was my first ever restoration which I did for my Dad.
The car was restored and repainted with custom paint, over 12 years ago. The restoration included structural welding, door gapping, cosmetic modifications and a considerable amount of hours spent to ensure side panels are aligned to perfection.
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JAGUAR Series 2 E-type Fixed Head Coupe

Originally this was an American left-hand drive. It came from a dry state so rust wasn't present. But over its life it had been a subject to poor repaints from original colour and poor damage repairs. A decision was made to change it to opalescent gun-metal. Although this was not an original colour for the particular car it transformed the look of it into something far more spectacular. Many hours were spent addressing issues with the door gaps, bonnet gaps and tailgate gaps. everything was painted including engine bay, bulkhead, front framework and all door shuts and panel backs. The car was also flatted and polished to a show standard.


This is one of my own projects. I bought it over 20 years ago when I was only 13. This is the car which started my passion for restoration and modification. Since I've owned it it's been stripped down to a shell, ever last nut and bold has been removed, it's been colour changes from Reynard metallic to a bright green Mazda metallic. Other modifications - chrome trim delete, bumper delete, Mazda alloy wheels, engine and gearbox change and many other things. Click the image to see its current performance.


The victor was brought to me looking rather sad with some substantial rust issues and extremely poor paint. The problem with this car is replacement panels are unavailable, so the decision was made as this is already a custom car to fit wider arches to accommodate the much large wheels it has. Some of the structural repairs include fabricating new inner wheel arches and sill sections. The colour was changes from bright metallic blue to this much nicer Citroen metallic purple. The paintwork was flatted and polished to a show standard.


This Triumph Stag was brought to me needing a full bare metal repaint which included some very small welding repairs to make it outstanding as the mileage and overall condition was superb. This project was finished off with the paintwork being flatted and polished to a show standard.


This Marina was brought to me needing two new front wings, front panel change and surrounding areas repaired. The new panels, the doors and the bonnet were also repainted.

VOLKSWAGEN T5 Transporter Camper

This VW was lower half colour change repaint. It is also included a number of rust blisters and corrosion to be removed, protected and painted.